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Morrison And Boyd Organic Chemistry 6th Edition Pdf.rar ((HOT))

@ Manish... Liquid crystals topic has been removed from the mains syllabus of chemistry...but as far as the prelims is concerned u can read it from Puri,Sharma & Pathania....regarding download links for the book Inorganic Chemistry by Shriver & Atkins, it is not available on internet and i had given download links for all the books that i could get on internet...u please get this book from any of the library, in u have any of ur friend in IIT then u can contact him and get this book issued....please do not hesitate in buying the books also because if going through one more book can increase even 5 marks, then also it is worthwile....i had around 50-60 books of chemistry in hard copy format and around 50-60 books in soft copy format....

morrison and boyd organic chemistry 6th edition pdf.rar

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