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Canon Lbp 1210 Driver For Mac [TOP]

Every printer has its driver to install into a computer. The Canon Laser Shot LBP-1210 driver & software disk comes along with the NEW printer. Most of the users get lost or damaged their driver CD. If you are in the same queue, then you can download its latest driver directly from the Canon LBP-1210 software official download page or you can go to the download list below to download the same drivers. You will get the drivers in just one click away. Please check it out. Along with the download link, we have prepared a step-by-step guide on how to install the Canon Laser Shot LBP-1210 driver in the article below.

Canon Lbp 1210 Driver For Mac

To download the Canon Laser Shot LBP 1210 driver, go to the download list below and click on the download link according to your operating system. Click here to learn how to check the operating system version.

Canon Laser Shot LBP1210 is a single-function monochrome printer which uses laser print technology. It is a year old printer so it supports a limited operating system. If we rate this printer then give it 4.5 out of 5 because it works very well as a single function machine.

Try this 1620 basic driver, and install it manually. Maybe it will work with this. If this doesn't work for you, then maybe an alternate driver that will work with this printer, but it is not discovered yet, so sorry about that.

Answer: This Canon LBP 1210 printer doesn't support Windows 64bit architecture. So, there is no way to install it on 64bit Windows. But, you can try the last option, try to install this printer through Windows update.

One thing is possible in the Windows 10 64bit OS, Canon 1210 scanner can be installed on 64bit Windows easily because there is no difference between 32bit or 64bit in the matter of scanner. If you want to install its scanner then you'll have to install it manually by using its scanner basic driver.

Sir I have Canon Laser LBP 1210 Printerand my system installed Windows 7 (64 Bit)I have 32 Bit Driver of Printer.Can You help me for install 64 Bit Printer Driver Installed in my system windows 7(64 Bit)Please help

So sorry for the inconvenience windows 64bit driver is not available for download even on its official website. We request you to please update your windows to get the drivers. Here is a step-by-step tutorial how to get drivers through Windows update.

2) Finally, Microsoft released Windows 11 on July 2021. The drivers on this website are being updated with Windows 11 drivers; this will be finished shortly. You can start downloading the driver from its download page. July 14, 2021

Hi! I have just read your recent post. I am trying to find an Apple Mac driver so that I can give my Canon LBP-1210 to my daughter to run on her Power PC iMac.I have downloaded a copy of mxcapt160.dmg.gz (and the pdf manual) from a Japanese Canon site. Is this the driver you used and if so does it install in English? If this is not the driver you used, could you please tell me where you were able to get it from, I am having difficulties with 'Googling' it.You might like to reply to my Yahoo e-mail account at in advance!Regards,Peter

Most excellent! I wonder why Canon won't link to this driver themselves (and translate it in the process).It is worth noting that the drivers are rather old and thus not all printing options are supported in every application. I first thought is was because I'm running on an Intel Mac, but Photoshop has got all the (printer specific) extras, so I guess it's a matter of Cocoa/Carbon applications using different hooks to the printing system.---

Thank you so much for this hint. I was searching since a long time for a solution to print from my PB to a Canon LBP 1210 printer. Now it works perfectly. Well done!Anybody knows a driver for this printer for Linux? I tried the one on the Canon webpage, but I could not get it to work.

I have an LBP33300 fitted with a network card. I can print via USB from MacOS X and over the network from a Windows XP machine using the drivers provided on the CD. But I can't print from a Mac (10.4.4) over a network. Any ideas where I might be going wrong? Any help is much appreciated.

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help. I've just got a Mac running Tiger and am trying to install the driver you linked to. The install seems to go OK and the machine resets, but then I can't see any available option for my LBP-1120 printer. There seems to be a capt folder in the libraries/printers/canon directory and I can get the print monitor .app running, but selecting this as my printer just isn't working. I'm running 10.4.8 on a g4 powermac. Please help!

---dirtymouse - 'fix a troubled Mac' - troubleshooting PDF [ Reply to This # ] Canon LBP series CAPT printer driver available Authored by: KRM on Dec 12, '07 07:46:14AM Hello all. I'm currently in Japan using OSX 10.5 on a MacBook.Just bought a LBP3300 with hopes of making it work on either OSX or Parallels (running XP).I grabbed the driver DMG listed here (much thanks to dirtymouse) and the install went fine.Problem is, when i try to print i get the error "Specified paper is incorrect".I am using A4 paper, have the back of the printer set to A4, the tray is set to A4 and EVERYTHING in OSX set to A4.I grabbed the English PDF manual from the AU Canon site. The software portion of the manual obviously only deals with the Windows software. The manual mentions that once you install the printer and load up the paper, you need to first "register the paper size" because the tray/printer cannot auto-sense the size (the A4/Letter switch on the back deals on with duplexing if i understand the docs correctly).The manual then goes on to describe the process of how you register the paper size using the Windows software. It appears that the Win util sends this info to the printer, not just setting the OS driver options.I see no way of doing this "registering" from the OSX. I would assume that the full Japanese installer has a util or method for this but that's just a guess.Not sure if this was necessary with the LBP3000 that dirtymouse is using, but if it was, perhaps that was originally taken care of by using Virtual PC on the Mac. I'm currently trying to get the printer to show up in XP under Parallels, but that's a whole other can of worms that we wont get into here.If anyone has any thoughts on this, i'd love to hear them.Many thanks,KRM

Thanks for the hint. I have downloaded the driver for Mac Leopard, but when I go to print on my LBP-2410 the message that appears says that it is the wrong paper selection and a red light appears on my printer. I don;t seem to be able to change the setting or anything to choose the default tray (there is only one). What do I do?

---dirtymouse - 'fix a troubled Mac' - troubleshooting PDF [ Reply to This # ] Canon LBP series CAPT printer driver available Authored by: on Jun 25, '08 08:04:15PM G'day, I just installed the CAPT driver for Leopard, however System Preferences is permanently recognising my Canon LBP-1120 as idle, yet when I run the Printer Utility it cannot find a connection. Also, when I try to run the CAPT Printmonitor "Get Printer Information", the response is "Failed to read Module. Reinstall.: 10511"Anybody have any ideas? Please?

Hey, im having a similar problem with loading my LBP-1120 printer. I have Mac os x 10.5.4. I have downloaded version 1.7 of the canon japanese driver but when i try and print the printer remains idle and the status comes up as stopped. Any help will be appreciated.

---dirtymouse - 'fix a troubled Mac' - troubleshooting PDF [ Reply to This # ] Canon LBP series CAPT printer driver available Authored by: Cathy2008 on Oct 31, '09 11:16:39AM Hi,Just installed snow leopard on my husbands mac after previously having tiger and running the mxcapt160 for the canon LBP-1120 fine.When we upgraded it could see the printer but just kept sending out blank pages when we tried to print. Now installed the mxcapt170 and while it loads onto the 'print and fax' preferences fine, I keep getting the error message: System/Library/Printers/Libraries/PrintJobMgr/Contents/MacOS/PrintJobMgr failed when trying to print.I've tried powercycling, rebooting and reinstalling, but nothing seems to help.Would be really grateful for any pointers

Sorry, but you're out of luck (as am I). On Canon's Japanese web site, they state that the following CAPT printers will not be supported under 10.6: LBP-1210, LBP-1120, LBP-1110. I tried last month to find an alternative driver, but so far nothing has surfaced.

Hi. I own LBP 3100 and I'm using OS X 10.5. I've Downloaded a the recommended driver, the Chinese one in the end. The printer as appear in the pirinters now, but still no luck with getting anything to print. It sends to printer, but I get nothing?Any help would be much appreciated. I'm new to a mac.

Also found this post true google. I've tried everything that is over here. Tried lots of other things on other sites, but nothing worked.Really getting tired of this.My printer is canon I-sensys LBP 2900BNothing with that CAPT works, anyone has a tip for me? Or where i could find the right capt to get this thing starting? Everytime i install cap and then i go to printer and faxes, and nothing is over there, and trying to add a printer doesnt work either.Rebooted en unplugged thousand times.Having the newest macbook with software 10.6.2i really hope someone can help me!Grtzz

Probably a dumb question ... downloaded and installed driver (mxcapt160.dmg) as suggested. It quit all applications and restarted. Set up printer in system prefs. But my printer Canon LBP 3200 did not appear in drop down box when selecting driver. I am using mac os 10.6.2. Tried copying the CAPT file to the library file that contained other printer files. Any suggestions please? 350c69d7ab

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